The Prone TWYI is our top home exercise for neck and back pain!

If you’re starting to notice a stiff neck or sore back from all this extra sitting indoors, you’re not alone!

Working from home with less than ideal desk setups, participating in regular Zoom catch-ups and longer-than-ever Netflix sessions are not exactly conducive to good posture and happy bodies, so we thought we’d share our top remedial exercise to do at home as well as some simple tips to help relieve the pain!

Our top exercise for neck and back pain and improving posture is the Prone T-W-Y-I. Those of you that have been regularly attending our Virtual Sessions will already be familiar with the movement and will be reaping the rewards; but for anyone else, we highly recommend you watch this video to learn all about it!

We’ve also laid out a few extra tips for you below. Some of these tips may seem a little obvious, but sometimes the simpler the cure, the more we overlook it; so take this as a prompt to start implementing these changes into your day!

TIP 1: Get up and walk around every 30 minutes. Of course you may be limited by space, but a lap of your living room is enough to make a difference (just try to avoid passing the fridge if you can!).

TIP 2: Get your setup right. Most sore upper backs are caused by hunching over too much, so simply raising your screen up can make all the difference. A few cook books under your screen is probably all you need to get the right level. Your choice of chair is also essential; we appreciate not everyone can afford to fork out on the latest office swivel, but use common sense and don’t slouch on the sofa with your laptop!

TIP 3: Exercise regularly! Our muscles need to be moved, strengthened, and stretched to maintain good working order, so regular exercise really is key to keeping all the aches and pains at bay. It’s also great for improving mental health and reducing stress which have both been proven to contribute towards back pain!