12 weeks’ training for just £60, was £120

The Fitting Rooms specialise in developing highly effective, structurally balanced and expertly periodised programmes that truly deliver results.

By signing up to Online Personal Training from The Fitting Rooms, you will gain exclusive access to our comprehensive training app meaning you can have a world leading personal trainer with you wherever you go! No more guess work, no more boring workouts: simply turn up to the gym and log in, safe in the knowledge that you have the personal training experts keeping you on track.

Each of our Programmes include three workouts a week and are all available to purchase in bundles of 12-week cycles. Each 12-week cycle is divided into three periods so that your training is switched up every four weeks! This periodised system means that your results never plateau and you never get bored!

Whether you’re looking to drop fat, build lean muscle or make strength gains like never before, we have the Programme for you, all that’s left to do is choose…

Please note that all of our programmes are based on resistance training and require access to a gym. Please get in touch, prior to purchase, if you need to check what equipment is required.