We pride ourselves on offering one of the best face-to-face personal training services money can buy. However, we know that not everyone is within easy reach of our industry-leading gym in London Bridge, SE1, which is why we offer Online Personal Training, unlike anything else on the market!

With remote clients from the North of England to Indonesia and New Zealand, The Fitting Rooms programmes are making it to every corner of the globe, and are helping clients to achieve incredible results!

What Do Our Clients Say?
There’s no point us telling you how great our Personal Training programmes are, why not listen to what our clients have to say…

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Why choose Online Personal Training?

Maybe you’ve been training for years but your results have started to plateau (or never really got going in the first place!); maybe you’re desperate to start working out but don’t know where to begin; maybe you’re bored of the same old workouts that have never quite delivered what they promised, or perhaps you’re just up for a new challenge…

If you’ve got the motivation to train but want to make sure you’re optimising your time in the gym so that you really see results, then Online Personal Training could be the solution for you.

Why choose The Fitting Rooms?

The Fitting Rooms is an industry-leading Personal Training gym in the heart of London Bridge. We are rated 5* on Google, Facebook, Time Out and many more and for good reason. Our expert personal trainers have trained thousands of clients, and our clients have been with us for years. There are many things that keep them coming back but the number one reason is good programming!

Every programme we write is meticulously planned by our expert personal trainers, drawing on their years of experience and wide ranging qualifications in training. We don’t follow faddy exercise routines, instead focusing on scientifically-backed training methods that deliver continuous, progressive and measurable results.

When we say expert, we mean it…

Collectively, our trainers have trained thousands of clients across many years, from beginner level up to national sports level, and possess a vast array of qualifications including Sports Science degree, PICP Strength & Conditioning, Pre & Post Natal exercise, Weighlifting Coaching Award. We also have a natural bodybuilding champion in the mix!

What you get from The Fitting Rooms Online Personal Training…

The Online Personal Training app from The Fitting Rooms is like having one of our expert personal trainers in the palm of your hand:

  • Instant access to your training programme, which is periodised over time so that your results never plateau. Each programme includes exercises, sets, reps, tempos and rest periods;
  • Detailed workout tracking: record the weights, reps and notes for every set and track your progress across the weeks;
  • Training videos with teaching points for every exercise so you know exactly what to do;
  • Video recording capability so that you can have one of our expert trainers check your form and feed back with advice or comments;
  • In-app messaging with our personal trainers who can answer your queries;
  • Scheduled reminders to train so that you never miss a workout;
  • All training data is fed back to The Fitting Rooms team so we know when you train and when you don’t; keeping you accountable!

Our Programme Format

If there is one thing that The Fitting Rooms is known for, it’s our ability to write highly effective programmes that truly deliver results. Whether you’re looking to drop fat, build lean muscle or make strength gains like never before, we have the programme for you!

Each of our Programmes include three workouts a week and are available to purchase in bundles of 12-week cycles. Each 12-week cycle is divided into three periods so that your training is switched up every four weeks! This periodised system means that your results never plateau and you never get bored! You can learn more about the importance of periodised training HERE.

You have the choice of purchasing each 12 week cycle indivually, or grouping them together to ensure you maximise your results!

Choose Your Programme

With our expertly written programmes in the palm of your hand, through our handy little app, you can have a world leading personal trainer with you wherever you go. No more guess work, no more boring workouts: you can simply get to the gym safe in the knowledge that you have the very best personal trainers looking out for you.


Find Your Online Training Programme

Please note that all of our programmes are based on resistance training and require access to a gym. Please get in touch, prior to purchase, if you need to check what equipment is required.