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Nutrition and training are intrinsically linked and it is crucial not to underestimate the impact your diet will have on your performance and results. At The Fitting Rooms, we deem correct nutrition an imperative part of the process to improve your health and fitness and so we include full nutrition coaching with all training blocks.

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Here at The Fitting Rooms we do things a bit differently… You will never be given a ridiculous low calorie eating plan or offered the latest fad diet people are talking about. Whilst you may see some initial weight loss with both of those, neither would be sustainable and in the long term you’re likely to achieve very little, and may even find yourself in a worse position, physically and mentally! Instead, if you decide you would like to address your diet, you will be assigned one of our expert trainers who will meticulously assess and evaluate your current eating habits and will coach you through making small modifications over time to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re working towards fat loss, muscle gain, increased strength or greater performance.

This method of diet improvement is proven to be far more effective for achieving significant and sustainable improvements to body composition. The philosophy is that through small, incremental modifications to your existing eating habits we will develop an approach that fits your current lifestyle so that you see real results without having to give up all those things that you love. We will always take into account real-life factors including the need to eat out, or on-the-go so if you need to high street lunches, we will work around you. Rest assured we will find a plan that works for you and that doesn’t require plain chicken and vegetables at every meal, which unfortunately seems to be the trend in an industry unsympathetic to the real persons’ needs!

Once you have signed up to train with us be sure to enquire about setting yourself up with a trainer for your personal nutrition planning. The next step will be to accurately and honestly fill out a seven day food diary. And we really do mean 100% honest: without an accurate base point it will be hard to make appropriate modifications. From here your trainer can start making recommendations which, combined with regular tracking of your progress, will optimise the way you eat and the results you achieve. Your trainer will be available to help with diet throughout the duration of your time training with us, so never be afraid to ask for your nutrition to be reassessed.


The Fitting Rooms has teamed up with Lorisian to bring you the ultimate addition to optimise your nutrition and training: through a simple blood sample we will test you for over 150 different food and drink intolerances. Once we have determined your intolerances we will use this ensure the nutritional planning we provide is as accurate and tailored as possible.

Food intolerances can cause a huge range of common symptoms including: headaches, IBS, dizziness, fatigue, bloating, rashes, acne, fluid retention, inflammation of joints, weight loss/gain and many others. Whilst these reactions to foods are not life threatening, they can affect your daily life significantly. For anyone that is investing time, energy and money into training and diet, the impact of food intolerances can be even more frustrating.

Symptoms of food intolerance can take up to 72 hours to appear making it extremely difficult to determine the source of the problem. Lorisian Food Intolerance Tests analyse your blood sample for specific IgG antibody reactions that have occurred in the last six weeks so that you can determine which foods your body is reacting to and should be eliminated from your diet.

We believe eliminating intolerances is critical when working towards optimal body composition so we highly recommend the testing for all of our Fitting Rooms members, especially if you have suffered any of the symptoms listed above./p>


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