Low Calorie Courgette & Butter Bean Soup Recipe

Our Courgette & Butter Bean soup is so creamy you’ll struggle believe it’s just over 200 calories a bowl! Ingredients - 3 courgettes, diced - 2 leeks, sliced - 1 white onion, diced - 1 tin butter beans, drained - 2 garlic cloves, crushed - 700ml vegetable stock - 1 tbsp olive oil -

Healthy, Spicy Lamb Kofta Wrap with Tzatziki Recipe

This spicy kofta wrap with cooling tzatziki is a deliciously simple, high protein dish that tastes even better when the sun is shining! Don’t worry if you don’t have all the spices at home, even just a couple of them will work well, but ideally you want something with a kick and some mint.

Banana & Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

If you’ve ever tried to make protein pancakes using protein powder, you’ve no doubt been left disappointed at how stodgy or dry they were. These pancakes use just 5 ingredients and get their 22g of protein from eggs and peanut butter, leaving them fluffy, light & delicious! Ingredients - 30g oats - 1 medium

Top Exercise to Relieve Neck and Back Pain – Prone TWYI

The Prone TWYI is our top home exercise for neck and back pain! If you're starting to notice a stiff neck or sore back from all this extra sitting indoors, you're not alone! Working from home with less than ideal desk setups, participating in regular Zoom catch-ups and longer-than-ever Netflix sessions are not exactly

Build Muscle with Mechanical Drop Sets

Mechanical Drop Sets are a highly effective way to build muscle and can easily be implemented during home workouts, even without weights. A standard drop-set involves you performing a set of an exercise, almost to failure, and then dropping the weight to achieve more reps. A Mechanical Drop Set requires you to use the

Healthy beef stroganoff recipe

It’s that time of year where we crave a hearty, comforting meal but are conscious of keeping calories under control. Our healthy beef stroganoff recipe is just the ticket to warm you up this winter as it uses cauliflower instead of cream to make a rich and creamy sauce that comes without the guilt!

  • Dumbbells or Barbells - The Fitting Rooms Personal Training Gym

What’s better: dumbbells or barbells?

"So, which is better, dumbbells or barbells?"🤔 Of course, there is no simple answer as it will largely depend on your training experience, your strength level and your current goals; but below are some guidelines of when to use each to maximise your results… If you're new to training, it is important to create

  • Healthy Dessert Recipe - Frozen Berry Slush

Healthy dessert recipe – Frozen Berry & Banana Slush

For anyone else still pining after warmer days, our Frozen Berry & Banana Slush is a delicious, healthy dessert recipe which you can whip up in minutes and tastes like summer! By switching the honey for maple syrup it becomes vegan and the addition of tahini means it contains a healthy little hit of

Should you use dynamic or static stretching pre and post workout?

Whether you should use dynamic or static stretching pre and post workout is a hotly debated topic. Both types have their benefits, but most research suggests that dynamic stretching is preferential before training and static stretching after. Stretching helps to support muscle flexibility so that we have a healthy range of motion in the

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