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Yasmin has an unrivalled passion for health and fitness that shines through in both her training sessions and her fitness articles, which have built a large online following. With years of training experience behind her, Yasmin has worked with clients from beginner to national sports-level, producing results in body composition and strength which speak for themselves.

Wings for Life World Run 2017 in Cambridge

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Last weekend, a small group of runners from The Fitting Rooms travelled to Cambridge to take part in the Wings for Life World Run, raising money for spinal cord injury research. The race is unlike any other... 130,000 runners, in 111 locations, across 58 countries all start running at exactly the same time. There's no

Healthy, low-carb recipe – broccoli and cheese egg cups

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If you're looking for a healthy, low-carb recipe for breakfast then give our cheesy, broccoli egg cups a try. They'll also keep for a few days in the fridge, making them a great mid-week snack option! Ingredients: 4 eggs; 100g grated mature cheddar; 1/2 broccoli floret shredded; 2 chestnut Mushrooms finely chopped; 1 red onion

Women’s weight training – 3 tips on getting started…

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Women's weight training is, thankfully, on the rise with more and more women waking up to the fact that to achieve the toned look they want, they need to start training more like men. Jane Fonda style workouts of high reps of light weights or endless hours on the treadmill will make you sweaty but

Ab-rollouts exercise for core strength and stability

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When performed correctly, Ab-rollouts are one of the best exercises for building core stability. Unfortunately, the movement is often performed incorrectly with people setting up in a box position with hips directly above the knees, rolling out and then pulling back into the box shape. If you're doing it like this then essentially you're transferring

‘Clean’ post-workout oats & blueberry protein bar recipe

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Looking for a 'clean' protein-packed sweet treat to enjoy post-workout or just with your afternoon coffee? Give Yasmin's Oat & Blueberry Protein Bar recipe a try: 180g porridge oats; 120g vanilla whey; 30g chopped almonds (all I had at home, you could use any other nut or none at all); 200g blueberries; 20g chia seeds;

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