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David Jordan

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David combines industry leading strength and conditioning qualifications with his years of experience in body composition and physique training to develop highly effective programmes which focus on driving consistent strength increases alongside impressive body composition results. Being a competitive bodybuilder, achieving British runner up at the NPA Nationals, David knows what it takes to get results!
  • Bigger biceps by The Fitting Rooms personal trainer David London Bridhe Southwark SE1

Bigger biceps made simple by The Fitting Rooms personal trainer David

Here's The Fitting Rooms personal trainer David with his top tips on how to develop bigger biceps. Form and muscle engagement are key: it's not about how heavy you lift; it's about how hard the muscle works! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKCh7TCfLOw&app=desktop CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN FOR A FREE TASTER SESSION AT THE FITTING ROOMS PERSONAL TRAINING GYM

Get in your best ever shape this Summer

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Summer, or this year’s version of it, is now upon us. For many of us, the panic has set in about the increasing amount of flesh that we will inevitably have on show and we start searching for quick fixes to help us get in shape fast. Before you buy in to the latest detox

Exercises to improve ankle mobility for a deeper squat

Calf and ankle mobility are often neglected as a focus in people's training at a cost you probably wouldn't realise... Without sufficient mobility in the ankle, your squat mechanics will be seriously affected meaning you will be restricted from achieving the squat depth you would otherwise be capable of. Considering that a deep squat is

Why resistance bands WILL NOT improve your pull-ups…

From The Fitting Rooms gym in London Bridge, Dave explains why using resistance bands to do pull-ups negatively affects your pull-up strength and demonstrates how to actually improve your strength for this key movement... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAhdXxh8TKI

To carb, or not to carb?

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We've all got an opinion on this seemingly devilish food group, but what are the real facts about eating carbohydrates? Carbs are one of your three main macros and are essential for day to day life, unfortunately however their consumption over recent years has been so badly abused that it has earned them a terrible

Unrolling chest flyes: an effective exercise to fix shoulder pain

Tightness in the shoulders is such a common complaint that most people now just accept it as normal and put up with the pain it can cause. At The Fitting Rooms we have many approaches for addressing the cause of shoulder pain to help remedy and eliminate it, which our clients can attest to. The

Posterior-chain training

Do you suffer from lower back pain? Are you starting to feel like your big lifts in the gym are stagnating? Or perhaps you don’t feel as powerful on the pitch as you should? If so, the chances are that you’re not effectively training your entire posterior chain! With so many exercises available to train

How to eat healthy on the go!

Your best high street choices for lunch when out and about… At The Fitting Rooms we always encourage taking home-prepared lunches into work, but sometimes life just gets in the way so it’s good to know the best options available to buy on the high street. One of the biggest problems with ready prepared meals

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