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Increase your strength with grip training

Following on from our previous post about deadlift grip (here), we wanted to talk in more detail about grip training. Grip training is often overlooked as an unnecessary waste of time, but this is definitely not the case! Without a strong grip many of your lifts will stagnate, most notably – pull-ups, deadlifts and rows.

Deadlift grip – to switch or not to switch…?

You may have noticed in our previous articles, programs and training videos that when it comes to deadlifts we always use, and recommend you use, a pronated grip, meaning both hands are over the top of the bar with the palms facing inwards - as demonstrated in the video below. This is a deliberate choice

Top tips to make exercise & healthy living habitual

1. Pick days to train. Aim for at least 3 a week; 2. Pick times you will train; 3. Write them down! Add training days and times into your personal and work diaries; 4. If other commitments come up on training days, such as work meetings, re-arrange your training day and schedule it into your

Understanding rep ranges in resistance training

For many weight-trainers, understanding which rep range to work with is a source of confusion. Hopefully our chart above helps to clear this up. In addition, here are a few other things to consider: - Time under tension (TUT) is key, meaning the tempo of each rep is also critical! Tempo is noted in the

Looking for a fat-loss workout? Give this a try…

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The video below shows our client Joanne doing a session from one of our fat loss programs.. Joanne had just finished a 12 week strength program, which saw her squat and deadlift well over her own body weight and achieve her first pull-up, so we decided to change things up and focus on fat loss

The Romanian deadlift exercise to hammer your hamstrings!

Deadlifts are hailed as the king of posterior chain exercises since they literally work you from the top of your traps to the bottom of your calves, most notably working your glutes, hamstring and lower back. For me, it's the lift I enjoy the most: lifting that heavy, dead weight from the floor; feeling each

5 tips for better sleep

Sleep is a powerful weapon when it comes to body composition: it can help us grow muscle; burn fat and increase strength and performance; alongside all the general health and wellbeing benefits it's known for. So here are our top five tips for a better nights sleep: 1. Set yourself a bedtime and stick

Prenatal exercise: should you exercise during pregnancy?

At The Fitting Rooms we're lucky to have trained may women from the very first weeks of their pregnancies, up to days before giving birth. We are huge advocates of prenatal exercise but we know it can be a daunting topic for the expectant mum and her friends and family so we thought that

Enjoy Easter treats, without the guilt

With the Easter weekend fast approaching, that pesky bunny is busy filling shop shelves with chocolately treats designed to seduce and soften us. Whilst I'm sure no one's under any illusion that munching through your own body-weight in chocolate is a sensible way to spend your time, here at The Fitting Rooms we believe in

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