Read on for my three favourite bicep exercises and the reasons why I rate them so highly…

The single arm preacher curl:
– Hits the short head of the bicep, developing thickness in your bicep;
– Works the bottom range of the bicep’s strength curve, which is difficult to hit with the basic standing bicep curl. An even distribution in the strength curve is important to avoid tendinitis in the elbow;
– Unilateral effect allows you to work on discrepancies between the left and right arm.

Seated 45′ dumbbell curl:
– Hits the long head of the bicep, this creates the bicep peak;
– Great isolation exercise when done properly! Keep the elbows pointed to the floor at all times and just squeeze the bicep. Not for the ego lifters amongst us, you won’t grow if you swing!
Reverse Grip EZ Curl:
– The pronated grip hits the brachialis, developing the forearm as well as the upper arm;
– Great for those working on their grip strength!

Try each of these exercises superset with a tricep exercise and watch your arm mass sore! A program may look like this:

A1 – single arm preacher curl;
A2 – EZ Skull Crusher.
3 sets x 8 reps, rest 90 secs between each exercise.

B1- seated 45′ dumbbell curl;
B2 – overhead dumbbell extension.
3 x 10, rest 75 secs between each exercise.

C1 – reverse grip EZ curl;
C2 – tricep rope press down.
3 x 12, rest 60 secs between each exercise.

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