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Better legs, stronger core, less back pain… Why you should front squat!

Front squats tend to be neglected from most people's training programs since they require setting aside ego as you won't be able to go as heavy as with a standard barbell back squat and because it can be quite difficult to master the form. However, if you're prepared to spend some time working on flexibility

Supplements: which are worth taking…

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This is always a hotly promoted topic in the fitness industry so let's break it down nice and simply into those worth taking for general health and well-being and those for the greatest benefit to your training. Before I get specific however, it's important to point out that supplements are simply supplements, they are

Want bigger biceps? Of course you do, so read on…

Read on for my three favourite bicep exercises and the reasons why I rate them so highly... The single arm preacher curl: - Hits the short head of the bicep, developing thickness in your bicep; - Works the bottom range of the bicep's strength curve, which is difficult to hit with the basic standing bicep

Free-weights versus resistance machines

Free weights versus resistance machines... What's best to optimise your training results? Should you switch the leg press for the barbell squat; the shoulder press machine for dumbbell presses or fly machines for dumbbell flyes? As humans we have been lifting rocks; carrying, pushing & pulling free standing objects and generally opposing earth’s gravitational force

Make sure you’re a horny devil this Valentine’s…

Our guide of do's and dont's to ensure you have a successful performance this Saturday night... Like it or loathe it, Valentines Day is fast approaching & and whether you're on a tinder date; blind date or in a relationship, you want to perform. And when we say perform we literally mean "perform"! So,

Fat Grip Training

Fat bar or fat grip training has many benefits beyond that of grip strength. See below for why you should include it in your training: - Increase in motor unit activity; - More functional strength - everyday life rarely comes with the ease of a 1 1/4 inch bar to grab; - Increase in grip

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